Not Everyone Is Your Customer


The quote above from Seth Godin has been a mantra that we routinely share with all of our clients. It underscores the need for resorts, DMOs and CVBs to focus on what transforms a marketing campaign from good to extraordinary and what will drive greater marketing ROI.

For 32 years, RMG has specialized in working with highly competitive, customer-focused industries. That experience and staying on the cutting edge of data analysis and integrated marketing solutions has allowed RMG to dramatically impact the tourism sector. You’ve invested in traditional and digital data through years of marketing and advertising so now it’s time to truly and fully monetize that past investment. All to better understand exactly who is your audience and gain critical demographic, geographic and psychographic insight on them.

Response Marketing Group reduces the complexity of multi-channel marketing so busy marketers can communicate with guests and inquirers through their preferred channels. From print, email and search to social, mobile and the web — RMG helps marketers acquire new visitors, drive incremental bookings and build guest loyalty by developing more personalized marketing communications.

Most DMOs and CVBs are sitting on a wealth of data – untapped potential to develop targeted messaging to the right audience at the right time. With volumes of unstructured, uncleansed and unactionable data, marketers have failed to leverage the information that has been collected through investment in events, sponsorships, conferences and every marketing channel and activity.

By leveraging the right kinds of data, DMOs and CVBs can fully transform the customer experience — especially when they foresee growth on the horizon. Consider the success enjoyed by those destinations and resorts using data and technology to drive visitor growth. They’re winning! We believe investing in proven ways to maximize your data can generate as much as a 200% ROI!

What are you waiting for? The roadmap is straightforward and we are here to help:

  • Start with a Data Portrait Analysis Of Your Existing Guest/Inquirer Data
  • Develop an Insight Driven Multi-Channel Marketing Plan
  • Test & Learn Campaigns Driven By Projected ROI
  • Track/Measure All Campaign Results

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Integrated Strategy And Communications For Financial Institutions

Response Marketing Group first started working with financial services partners in 1986, as data-driven direct marketing became a marketing imperative. Recognizing the power of big data long before it was a buzzword, RMG used proprietary and industry standard practices to help clients market deposit, retail, commercial, loan, credit card, mortgage and auto products to customers and prospects. Working with many of the largest banks in the US as well as many independent and community banks and credit unions, RMG was one of the leaders in financial services marketing.

It surprises even our team, that over that 30 years, many best practices haven’t really changed in financial services marketing. If anything it has gotten harder to reach the consumer with the proliferation of marketing channels and the rise of pure online institutions. What’s stayed the same is the need to mine your customer data, deliver
relevant and engaging content to the customer and prospect and provide exemplary customer service.

While many institutions have made significant investment in enterprise wide data warehouses or solutions, they may still be missing the key ingredients mentioned above – Right Audience, Right Message, Right Time. Our approach is consistent with our success gleaned from our 30 years of experience – data insights married to relevant messaging to the target audience. We’re channel neutral and work with our clients to define the KPIs that will drive deposit growth, account growth, increased upsell and cross-sell ratios and increased assets.

While it may not be the sexiest methodology, our time-tested approach yields results. Starting with baseline customer data, we work with clients to develop integrated marketing plans that are actionable, measurable and results focused. We frequently advise clients to start with a Test & Learn approach to validate our thinking and before we rollout more broad market campaigns with incremental investment. Using reporting dashboards, we measure results and close the loop by.

Marketing Strategy For Higher Education

There are three main areas of focus in higher education when it comes to marketing and engagement. They are admissions, fundraising, and athletics. There are companies who specialize in admissions, athletics and athletic fundraising. We at RMG specialize in alumni fundraising. Whether a public or private university, the secret to raising funds such that your participation rate increases and the over all raise is higher, is based on the same metric that many other industries have instituted. Instead of being “expense driven”, most other industries are “net returns driven”. For example with one of our RMG university clients: within a specific school at a major public university they had been spending approximately $100,000 a year to raise $1,300,000 for a net of $1,200,000 in their discretionary fund. RMG showed them that by spending another $100,000 they would net $1,800,000. Yes, the second $800,000 raised is much harder to reach than the first $1,300,000, but the net was much higher. We at RMG knew how to accomplish this when so many other firms do not.

Communication Plans for Manufacturing and Service Industries

A common question we receive is “how much experience do you have in our industry?” We find this question fascinating and wonder why that often becomes the main criteria upon which an agency is being chosen.

Even though RMG has worked in most industries multiple times, we still believe the basics of awareness, acquisition, retention, up-sell, cross-sell, and win-back apply to any business. The key is to realize that a large consumer company is dealing with larger numbers, where a manufacturer may only have 50 to 3,000 potential prospects. The same process and discipline of reviewing sales, marketing, and advertising efforts to create a Comprehensive Communication Plan are all the same. At RMG, we have accomplished strong ROI’s with many different industries of all sizes to help them grow their revenue and increase profitability.