McKinsey Advocates The Power Of Personalization In Insurance Marketing

As we have quoted them previously, we are big proponents of industry "experts" like McKinsey Consulting espousing the value of data analytics, segmentation and relevant content to deliver improved marketing campaigns. In a just published report the consulting powerhouse discusses how "personalization—or reaching customers with targeted messaging, offers, and pricing at just the right time—is the future of insurance marketing". At RMG, we've been fortunate to have discovered this truth in our work with many insurance partners large and small - like Nationwide, AIG, Blue Cross or Virginia Farm Bureau. Using our SmarTest methodology (rTest Approach), we're seeing significant increases [...]

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Why Can’t We Seem To Get Out Of Our Own Way? Embracing Change Is More Critical Than Ever

Companies that harness creativity and data in tandem have growth rates twice as high as companies that don’t. I was having lunch with a prospective client recently and she asked me “Who is your biggest competitor?” With 27 years in this business, I’ve answered that a lot of different ways depending on the industry, client and circumstances at the time. As an ad veteran and agency owner for nearly 50% of those 27 years I was somewhat surprised (as she was) at my answer. “You are,” I said and will explain my reason for that answer as I did to [...]

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How DMOs and CVBs Should Use Existing Inquirer Data To Improve Marketing

What’s Missing? You’ve spent money on advertising and marketing, your testing every channel, you’ve developed new creative and your budget has maxed out. What’s missing? The inherent challenge in tourism marketing, especially if you are a DMO, CVB or state tourism organization, is the ability to close the loop on visitors and response attribution. Where franchise organizations or independent resorts and attractions have the ability to match a reservation or ticket sale, local regional and state tourism organizations don’t have access to that level of data nor the ability to measure campaign performance. One thing RMG can tell you is [...]

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Keynote Presentation – Southeast Tourism Society Fall Forum 2018

        RMG President & CEO Jim Harenchar delivered the keynote presentation at the Southeastern Travel Society Fall Forum in Biloxi, MS. Download the presentation version to see and read Jim's thoughts on opportunities for CVBs and DMOs to integrate Marketing + Tech + Personalization to drive more effective marketing/advertising.   STS Fall Forum 2018

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