RICHMOND, VA (JULY 31, 2017)  Response Marketing Group (RMG), headquartered in Richmond, Va., is pleased to announce the opening of two new offices – Seattle WA and St. Pete Beach, FL. The expansion in to Seattle comes as a result of a recent acquisition made by RMG of MOR-Direct in Kirkland. MOR Direct is lead by agency president Mark Magula, who will now be responsible for business development and client relationships as Vice President, Western Operations for RMG. MOR-Direct is a full-service agency specializing in direct mail, email, web, print, DRTV and radio. RMG founder Stuart Holt had worked with Magula in the past and felt the agency represented a growth opportunity for Richmond-based RMG to expand their offerings as well as geographic market area. MOR-Direct has had wonderful success serving clients such as Mutual of Omaha, Comcast, University of Phoenix, Brooks Brothers and Microsoft. Holt felt the SmarTest Blueprint created and offered by MOR-Direct as a testing and rollout strategy to define best performing packages for marketers, was a compliment to existing RMG services. “We believe strongly that measurement is critical in evaluating success and MOR-Direct and SmarTest™ allow marketers to increase response rates, lower cost per acquisition and improve ROI”. Prior to the initial sale of RMG to Snyder Communications in 1998, they had a Seattle office that served clients throughout the Western region. Since Holt reignited RMG in 2005 and recently added President & CEO Jim Harenchar, they have been looking to expand their footprint. In addition to the SmarTest™ methodology, the acquisition of MOR-Direct expands service offerings to include DRTV and radio – areas the Richmond agency did not provide in the past.

The expansion in to St. Pete Beach, Florida for RMG comes as they continue to increase their presence in the financial services, hospitality and tourism industries. Recent new business relationships with Visit Jacksonville, Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism and The Southeastern Tourism Society, represented the opportunity to serve those clients from a more localized office. In addition, RMG was recently awarded an expanded relationship with the Marriott Luxury Group to add St. Regis to their portfolio along with current client The Ritz Carlton. Additional recent client growth for RMG includes, The Virginia Farm Bureau, DroneUp, Commonwealth Commercial/Lingerfelt, Fork Union Military Academy, CSC Leasing, Manorhouse Retirement, and TerraForge Communities. Agency President Jim Harenchar feels the firm’s growth has been a result of clients seeking greater measurability and budget maximization. “All of our clients have a finite budget and they realize they can’t outspend their larger competitors. Our focus on data-driven strategy, analytics, segmentation and channel neutrality has resonated with the market. While branding and awareness are critical components of any advertising and marketing, digital media has opened the door to addressable household advertising that provides greater attribution and measurement”.

Apart from growth through the MOR-Direct acquisition, RMG has not expanded headcount. Holt and Harenchar vowed to remain lean and nimble to better serve clients and manage costs. “Both of us have lived through the downsizing that comes in this profession and have structured our firm to reduce those risks as much as possible,” said Harenchar, a former partner in RightMinds from 2003-2010.

Holt is excited about the growth opportunities for RMG in Richmond and beyond. “I’m encouraged that our name still has great recognition in the market after 31 years and our value proposition is more relevant than ever. Clients seem to appreciate our simple yet effective approach – we take information and convert it in to direct sales”. He feels the acquisition of MOR-Direct and addition of key personnel, services and methodology represent a bright future for RMG in the second half of 2017 and beyond.

HQ:  866-574-7665 – 1145 Gaskins Road, Suite 109 – Richmond, VA 23238

SE Region:  804-370-1439 – 105 Third Ave. – St. Pete Beach, FL 33706

NW Region:  425-516-9008 – 5400 Carillon Point – Kirkland, WA 98033